Doomsday Bunkers

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Doomsday Bunkers, what are they? Who can use them? Are they the same as Tornado Shelters, Storm Shelters? What about Steel Bunkers, Survival Bunkers or Underground Bunkers? Can they all be used as Doomsday Bunkers or a Safe Room? What do you call Doomsday?

Are Doomsday Bunkers or any Bunker safe in a flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Heat wave Artic weather? What else can they be used for? What would you use one for?

When or If Doomsday Bunkers get covered with rocks, dirt, snow or whatever, can you dig your way out?

Disaster And Emergency Preparedness Is Essential For Survival

You should always have supplies for an emergency on hand. It is always preferable to be ready for every potential disaster that can occur. Keeping the items that you need accessible is a sure way to be prepared for any form of natural disaster including earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. There are some cases in which you may receive a warning, like a hurricane. On other occasions, however, the amount of time is too limited for you to make an emergency kit ready. Because of this, you should always take every opportunity to get prepared.

You supply list for emergencies should contain the basic needs for the human body such as food and water. Each individual should have access to a minimum of one gallon of water each day in order to adequately fill the needs for sanitation and drinking. Non-perishable foods such as dried and dehydrated foods, canned goods, foods that supply the body with energy such as granola bars, peanut butter and jelly, cookies and trail mix. The included foods should allow for easy preparations and should not require significant quantities of water for preparation. Hard candies help to slake thirst and thus, will reduce the amount of water that is consumed. You should routinely check to ensure that they food is fresh and remove foods that have expired. You should replace your canned foods on a yearly basis.

You will also want to have a comprehensive first-aid kit on hand as well. This should contain bandages and items to clean wounds such as antibiotic towelettes and cream, a solution for flushing out the eyes as well as a thermometer. If you are currently taken prescribed medications you should store a significant supply of these as well in addition to any equipment that is necessary for checking blood pressure and blood sugar. You will also want to stock various over the counter medicines such as aspiring to prevent heart attacks when necessary, pain relievers, laxatives, anti-diarrhea treatments and antacids.

You will also want to keep flashlights of both the hand-cranked and battery operated varieties and a radio. You should store matches that are waterproof or that are stored in an air-tight container, a fire extinguisher and eating utensils. The kit should include items that are age specific as well such as baby diapers, products for feminine hygiene and standard hygiene products as well.

The best way to survive an emergency situation is to be prepared! Are you prepared for an emergency? Ensure that you have what you need on hand for any type of emergency. Your family is depending on you!

You should always have emergency kits full of emergency supplies in the home or work area in case accidents happen. Let us show you some good ones.

Vital Info On Emergency Supplies And Sleeping Options

There may come a time when you face an emergency or natural disaster and find yourself unable to sleep in your home. These tips for emergency shelter and sleeping are designed to help you prepare and amass the supplies needed in case this eventuality should happen to you and your family.

One very important tool for situations like this is solar blankets. During a disaster, some may be forced to camp in the great outdoors, and a solar blanket can mean the difference between a cold, miserable night and a warm bed. Also consider keeping flashlights, an air mattress, and even a tent or pop up canopy on hand just in case.

Although a solar blanket is ideal for trapping body heat and staying warm, it can actually be used for the opposite. For instance, those who are stranded in their car can take a solar blanket and put it in the windows. This can deflect sun rays which will be helpful for staying cool. There are many important reasons to purchase this versatile and effective survival tool.

Space if often an issue, and some will simply avoid purchasing important items because they feel that they do not have room for them. It is important to know that much of this equipment can either be deflated, folded up, or stored efficiently. An air mattress, for instance, may be deflated and stored without using too much space. At the very least, everyone should keep at least a couple of blankets and a few flashlights with extra batteries in their car and in the home. Though these things seem to be very trivial, they can actually be very important for surviving natural disasters.

An unfortunate aspect of a disaster is that one simply cannot anticipate where they may have to seek shelter. Some may need to seek refuge in a shelter, while others may need to sleep outdoors. During times like this, solar blankets, flashlights, and rain gear will be vital for survival and comfort. Tents and pop up canopies should also be considered. Those who have the option of going to an emergency shelter will want to have blankets and pillows, and perhaps an air mattress or cot for a bit of comfort during a potentially traumatic time. Though most will be lucky enough to avoid these situations, being prepared will help to put the mind at ease.

In the event of a natural disaster you should be ready to move to an emergency shelter. Maintaining a stock of emergency supplies available will help you avoid stressful shortages.

With Guns Survival Can Be Assured

A lot of people, when guns are mentioned, think about them in very different ways. Some of them will think about collections they have seen or know about. These will include antiques or items pulled off of the enemy while they were in one of the wars. There are others who will think about other uses such as target practice and competitions.

The politics of gun grabbing will be brought up. Ideas about the modifying of their current guns to escape the controls that are always being set up to evade the Second Amendments rights they have are discussed as well. Following the regulations will also assist hem in buying weapons before they are banned from the public square.

Survival information about guns will, of course, be discussed. Debates about which are the best weapons to have and whether a multiple arsenal is the best policy. The difference between what is possible with pistols, rifles and other weaponry will also be hotly debated. This discussion will, in all likelihood, end with everyone agreeing to disagree on this and all bug out bags are appropriate for what each wants to do.

Old military people will want to mention their favorite weapons, such as the M16 and the civilian model, the AK47. These have the stopping power and all of the accessories needed to handle just about any situation. They are easy to use, almost jam free, easy to break down and are light enough to carry with a helpful handle built right in. This is a common weapon to have and many people display them over their mantle or in the den.

Some of those same military people will swear by the 45 they probably had on their hips. Equally as easy to break down and with a punch that everyone knows means business. This is a relatively heavy piece but will hold its own in any encounter. It can be hidden under a coat and will work with survivalists as well.

A 22 rifle will be one of the guns just about everyone will want to have around. It has a load and projectile that will injure as well as stop most people. It is also needed for most small game animals for food. Whether a pistol or rifle, this is one caliber that most people agree is a necessity.

A survey or poll was taken in June of 2013 and found that of all manufacturers available, five of them carried 88 percent of the vote. These were Glocks, Ruger, Springfield, the Taurus and those S and Ws. This says a lot about the popularity and the overall usability of these weapons.

Rifles such as the Mossbergs will present a definite price change over the more inexpensive ones. The Barrrett 50 BMG is part of this expensive club as well. The collectors who pick these up at many times the price of the less expensive ones will certainly have bragging rights. They do represent a sophisticated look to their owners all things being equal.

The one weapon that everyone wants and does exactly what it is supposed to do in the shotgun. Regardless of what model you get or what you pay for it, it has a sound that is unlike any other. The clicking of a round going into place in a rifle or pistol makes a squiggly little sound. The sound of a pump action shotgun makes a statement. Everyone knows what that sound is and, if you are on the other side of the argument, it is not good.

The newbies in the discussion group will learn about a lot of different things. They will need guns for target practice and survival. They may need something for training on for the next competition or simply to have ready, just in case. No matter what the reasons, good or bad, they will gain an education from the established marksmen.

Getting hold of a good Federal Firearms Licensed dealer will help you understand the laws concerning the acquisition of guns and related gear. Talking with some survivalists will help you gain knowledge about all of the rest of the world of gun ownership. Learning about your second amendment rights will fill in all of the empty gaps in that knowledge and open a world of experience and self defense.

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Jason Beacham on Doomsday Preppers

At this site, we try to take anything we can from whatever we view on Doomsday Preppers. However in due course we should move back and understand that there truly isn’t a lot of material to utilize. In the instance of 15 yr old Jason Beacham, we might be in above our heads.

Responsibilities and Prepping

In person I feel the decision of National Geographic to represent Beacham like a prepper is both exploitative and derogatory to the local community. Jason, like numerous Fifteen year old children who wear black, loves talking about anarchy and gathering knives. For food, he enjoys commandeering refined goods from his mother’s kitchen and for drills he loves to set fires on discarded properties with his close friends.

I don’t need to go into the reason why this won’t resemble prepping in any sense of the word. This portion showed every little thing the community detests about the program. I have observed some backlash online focused towards Jason which I believe is greatly undeserved. We were all kids at some point and in case we had film crews following all of us around we probably wouldn’t be looking clever either. Guys will certainly be guys.

The onus is upon National Geographic for both bringing this to light for cheap scores and allowing some extremely dangerous activity to continue. During the episode, Jason and his friends reached out into the wilds without any safety gear, broke into a deserted residence and lit an uncontrollable fire which might possibly have endangered their lives. A movie team of grown people allowed all of them to achieve this despite their obvious shortage of experience all because of ‘good television’.

What if Jason and his good friends had passed out of the smoke or perhaps caught on fire themselves? I don’t even like to think about the legal implications of breaking into a residence on video if it happened to be owned.

Lessons learnt?

By the end of the day, perhaps there’s a message to be learned in the guidance of young adults in the goal of prepping. Jason’s mother had also been supportive regarding the most dangerous of activities such as shooting, but roughing it naturally is one thing that really needs guidance. The boy scouts exist for a reason. At the age of fifteen, Jason and his good friends are kids and it doesn’t matter how independent they think they may be- they might be at serious risk if they aren’t treated in this manner.

Thank you for reading! Terrance Franklin writes about survival and nutrition on a number of sites on the web. For more information on doomsday preppers, be sure to check out here. And for even deeper reading, follow the link at this site